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Take control of your #hashtags.

Collect #hashtags

Tagpie makes it easy to collect your hashtags.

Type them in one by one, or paste them in from your existing lists.

Store them in categories, so you can easily find them later.

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A screenshot of the tagpie app showing tags being added to categories
A screenshot of the tagpie app showing tags stored in categories

Share #hashtags

No more copying and pasting hashtags from lists.

Just search for or select the tags you want, and share them or copy them to the clipboard.

Keep track of how many tags you have selected at any one time, and set a limit if you're feeling tap-happy.

#TimeSaver #productive

Organise #hashtags

You can add a tag to as many categories as you want, but Tagpie helps you by preventing duplicates.

That also applies even when you're selecting tags for sharing.

When you're adding new tags, Tagpie will let you know which categories your new tags already exist in.

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A screenshot of the tagpie app showing that duplicate tags do not count towards your selected allocation

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#Hashtags on the go

Tagpie has been developed for mobile, so you can take your hashtags wherever you go.

Tagpie is now available on Google Play.

Tagpie is now available on the App Store.

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